– the overshift

everyone knows i love baseball, especially baseball on the radio.  however, radio announcers can be just as dumb as the rest of us.  for example, my favorite right now is, of course, john sterling of the yankees.  however, even john says something dumb very often.

when a left-handed power hitter is at bat, many opposing teams will “shift” their infielders over to the right side because some lefties, such as ryan howard and jason giambi, hit predominantly to the right side.  see the picture below:

this leaves a big hole on the left side of the infield, but that’s not what bothers me.  what annoys me is when announcers like john sterling call this an “overshift.”  no, john, it’s not an “over” shift.  it’s a shift.  “overshift” suggests that you’ve shift too far.  if you shift the right amount, it’s a shift, as in the picture above.  yeah, i know it’s not really that important, but i have to do what i have to do.

what say you?

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