– another person i want to smack

Look at what this idiot did at the Home Depot in Mantua, NJ.  How do you leave a shopping cart there?  How can you  be that lazy?  Not only might it roll into the car next to it, but another car might not see it while pulling into that space, smack into it, and then send it into another car.  Someone smack this person.  ** It wasn’t until after I finished this post that I noticed the people in the car on the left.  It must have been their shopping cart.

Two weeks ago I was at another store and watched a woman take bags from her cart and put them into the trunk of her car.  She then moved the shopping cart away from the back of her car and pushed it across the parking lot, just letting it go.  It drifted into the middle of another space.  As she turned, she caught my eye and hesitated.  I could tell she was thinking, “Oh, I shouldn’t have done that, and that guy is now looking at me.”  She paused, then continued to her car and left.  She needs a smack too.

2 thoughts on “– another person i want to smack

  1. You are so observant! I’ve noticed in several of your posts that you are very aware of your surroundings and you have a clear sense about what is wrong and why or what could be. I like that! I am also angry about this lazy, inconsiderate behaviour.

    I’m not at all surprised that she looked that way while you stared at her. Such vile human beings are generally cowards. Selfish cowards.

  2. really?  make sure you don’t do anything crazy, like stake out his house at about 11 at night, dressed in all black with your car in the driveway, smoking a bunch of cigarettes, burning holes in a chair, and having a very loud conversation in which you’re talking about your wife and how you want to hurt the guy.  and definitely don’t do this while there’s a surveillance camera that catches the whole thing.  because then the guy might bring all that to the police and get you for criminal trespassing because you might have sent the guy threatening messages, which would then be enough for the police to know what happened.  definitely do not do that because then you’d really be in trouble.  yeah, don’t do any of that.

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