– you mean robert kardashian’s daughter?


there are things that i know and things that i don’t know.

what i know is that robert kardashian was a famed attorney who helped to set o.j. simpson free.

what i also know is that his daughters, especially kim kardashian, are more famous and wealthy than he ever was.

what i do NOT know is what the hell kim kardashian has ever accomplished in her life other than to luckily be the offspring from robert kardashian and to successfully use his money to have enough cosmetic surgery to make herself rather beautiful. 

however, what has she actually done to deserve any fame or attention?  what?  just give me one thing that she actually did of her own talent and volition?

2 thoughts on “– you mean robert kardashian’s daughter?

  1. I went to a book sale last week and my friend was so excited seeing a magazine with the kardashian sisters as the cover. I think the cover says that one of them is going to get married and it created such a huge fuss (for the fans i guess). I don’t know if the magazine that we saw is old/new (since it’s the book sale, most of the items are second hand).

    but I was like, who the hell is kim kardashian? I don’t really know her. (and my friend was like: what!? you don’t know her!?)

    and I was like, what the hell? do i need to know her?? O.O

  2. She’s kind of like Paris Hilton. Neither of them have done anything to deserve fame. They must be smart, though. Most are never able to achieve fame just by acting stupid or frivolous.

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