– things as other things

I like to use things for other things when the thing for which they were originally intended is a thing of the past.  Yankee Candle jars are great for this because they are a good size, strong, and have a sealed lid.  I use them for q-tips in the bathroom because the lid seals out the moisture and steam from showers.  Here, you can see how my daughter uses one for her pencils.  Colored pencils look even better.

The Atlas jar was previously on the supermarket shelf filled with tomato sauce.  I can’t remember the brand, but I like them because there are both small and large, this one holding 12 ounces while larger ones hold 24 ounces.  If you drop one and it breaks, they’re very easy to replace.  I also use a large one for filling the coffee maker every morning.  On the sides are lines that measure the ounces in even increments.

One of my friends calls them my “West Virginia” glasses.  No offense.

And here’s the jar before I went all “Wes’ Virginny” on it.  Best way to get the label off is to lie it face down in something full of water so the label is under warm water for about a half hour.  Take it out, and the label will scrape off easily with a butter knife, but there will still be some glue.  Steel wool will take care of the rest.

20 thoughts on “– things as other things

  1. For the price you pay for a Yankee candle, you darn right better find another use for it 😉 Love their candles. I have a whole fleet of them.

    The atlas jar is beautiful, too. Jars in general are such interesting little objects. I collect mason-jars — you can always find need for them eventually.

  2. Got some of them in my cupboard now. The family likes the Atlas Mason jars for drinking glasses. Can it be the texture of the words on the sides?

  3. My friends up state, totally old school, use mayo jars to store soup for people to take home with them. I have three of them in my cabinet here to bring back. LOL 🙂

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