– the writing process – step 5: publishing

Book report, essay contest, published novel, self-published novel, Createspace, kindle, nook, ebook, Smashwords, Goodreads, My Disney Scrapbook 2000-2005 all have something in common.  Step 5: publishing.  What does “publishing” mean?  It means you’re done to whatever degree you have decided is done.

The book on the right is my novel Room 317, written piece by piece from about 2000 to 2005 and recently put through the wringer at Createspace, then they send you a printed copy for free.  Very cool.  If I want, I can order a bunch for about $7 each and then sell them – somewhere – not sure where.  I have it available on Kindle, Smashwords, and other e-reader versions for 99 cents.  There are links to the right side of this page if you want to see further.  If you want to read sample chapters, go to the menu bar up top and you’ll find three novels.  They ares considered “published.”  Self published, but “done,” unless I want to take it further, which I will eventually.  But this isn’t about selling books – it’s about the process.

The book on the left is a kids book, Kate and Maya, written about 15 years ago.  I printed it with my computer, found two pieces of cardboard, got some clear and wide tape, and basically made a book for my kid.  It’s published to the extent I want it to be, at this point.  It’s a really cute story about Kate, a 4-year old girl who finds a toy dinosaur in her grandmother’s yard.  It comes alive and tells Kate about another little girl, Kate’s mother, who used to play with her until she lost her in the yard one day and also lost her imagination about playing with toys.

Published is many things, but published is at least one thing:

Here it is.  I’m done.

13 thoughts on “– the writing process – step 5: publishing

    • it makes me feel good to know that i’ve done all i can, and it’s time to let it go and see if it can walk by itself. i have not yet had the opportunity for an agent or publisher to say, “we like it, but we want to change this and this and this.” if those changes make it necessary for them to buy it and publish it, then that’s the sacrifice i will be willing to make.”

    • oh, i have little insight. i was just going through the five steps of the writing process as basics. if you want to know more about publishing, look up a blog called “the insatiable booksluts.” really, it’s a blog about books, reading, publishing, etc.

  1. What a great feeling… I’m going to look into that children’s book asap..
    I just got word my poetry manuscript has been accepted and will be printed in a chapbook early summer.. I never expected that, so I’m nervous.. but like you..I’m done!!

    Congrats to you!!

  2. oh crap, thanks! i should have been more clear. that’s not a book you can find anywhere. it’s something i made with paper and cardboard and my printer. yeah, i made it seem more “published” that it really is, but my intent was that even just a homemade book is “published” if that’s all you want.

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