– ghostly encounter iv

call me slow, but i just realized that mostly all the “ghostly encounters” in my house have something to do with lights and electricity.  here’s another.

i’ve had this refrigerator about 6 years.  there’s a light on the water/ice dispenser, which is a great help when making coffee in the morning if it’s still dark and i don’t want to blind myself putting lights on.  anyway, about three months ago that light stopped working.  today, it started again.  about two years ago that happened.  off a few months, then back on.  and it happened about three or four years ago too.  i’ve never changed the bulb because i felt it wasn’t that important when it went out the first two times.  this time, of course, i just waited and knew it would eventually be back on.

12 thoughts on “– ghostly encounter iv

  1. Some ghosts can pick up pens and write. The electric light thing is probably something wrong with the wiring, or a drop of water on it or something like that. Whenever it dries out, the light works. It could also be a ghost.

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