– the “masters”

If I want to get a bunch of writers together, and only writer who like baseball to talk about and write baseball stories, am I allowed to do that?  Football fans can start their own group, right?

If I were female, and I wanted to organize a bunch of female motorcyclists to ride together, only women because sometimes men can ruin the group, am I allowed to do that?  Male riders can start their own group, right?

If I were a teenage boy, and I wanted to start a film group, and we only watch karate films, and then we act out karate films, but we don’t want any girls because sometimes guys just like to have “guy talk,” and having a girl around might make things different, am I allowed to do that?  Girls can start their own group to watch films, right?

If I’m into camping, and I want to start a group of campers, only boys, so this way I don’t have to worry about boys being interested in the girls, and I don’t have to deal with the possible sneaking off, or the possible accusations of a girl being exposed to a boy taking a piss in the woods or things like that, am I allowed to do that?  Girls can start their own group, right?

If I were a female teacher, and I wanted to start a reading group, only girls, so we can educate girls on things that they need to know about, no boys because we want to have “girl talk,” am I allowed to do that?  Boys can start their own group, right?

If that’s all true, then why are there complaints about the “unfairness” and the “sexism” regarding the males-only policy at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia?  If a bunch of crusty old men want to spend their money, buy private property, and have their males-only group of incredibly wealthy, crusty old golfers, then they have every right to do that.  If there are enough women don’t like that, then they are free to start their own private club and not let any men join.  Personally, I wouldn’t join, nor would I be invited to join.

We all have the right to hang out with only those people with whom we want to hang out – when it’s a private club.  If it’s a public situation, then that’s different.  You have to view that golf course and that club as if it were someone’s home.  We do not have to allow just anyone into our home unless we choose to.  It’s not a business.  It’s not a story, not a restaurant, at which you must treat everyone equally.  It’s a private club.  I believe in American, even with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. there can still be private places if we want them.

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  1. I agree. The rules seem to apply to some groups but not all. I believe we should be able to have private groups as long as they aren’t doing anything illegal or something like that.

  2. I used to live in good old Augusta for 13 (yes, I counted) months.. let’s just say people like me with ideas and such are not readily accepted..hence The ANGC members would never invite me for tea either..
    having said that, I think it’s perfectly fair they have their own place to act odd together..

  3. Private is private. Are there still separate male and female dormitories in the USA? Or are they all mixed now, too? I can’t imagine mixed dorms going down well with some parts of the population over there. Are there all-male and all-female private schools? Or is that no longer allowed?

    • there are all male or female private schools because, like this golf club, in private, you can do whatever you want. him. interesting. nobody cries about a school being all male or all female, but they cry about a golf club. dormitories in colleges are usually mixed with male and female, depending on the school. the one i went to was mixed. most are mixed. likely the religious schools are separate.

  4. This reminds me of several years back when the New Orleans city council tried to pass an ordinance requiring Mardi Gras crews to open up membership to include both genders and all races. Mardi Gras crews are private organizations, but they parade on city streets, and they have historically been all white, all black, all male, or all female. The crews banded together to protest the ordinance and threatened to shut down the city’s largest annual revenue source…Mardi Gras, and they were backed by the hotels, bars and restaurants. To the crews, part of the fun of what they do is that the memberships are secret, crew members do not reveal their identities. That’s the entire point of the masks.

    In a statement to the city, the crews stated that they had opened up memberships decades ago, and that most crews were fully integrated….they just didn’t want the city telling them they had to.

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