I don’t know a lot about writing and the publishing industry, but there are places at which we can learn things. This is one of them.

The Red Pen of Doom

It pains me to see folks place all their faith in the Series of Tubes, whether they’re trying to bust into Hollywood, sell books about Men in Kilts or make a living playing punk rock songs with only three chords.

It’s no skin off my nose if they stubbornly keep on doing it.

As somebody who believes in science, and numbers, and doing whatever works, I’ll just say this: the Series of Tubes is useful for making friends and other things — but it is not a strategy and it is not a plan, not even for Internet Tough Guys.

Here’s the thing: to persuade 10 people, you have to reach thousands–and to persuade thousands, you have to reach millions.

Which means using mass media, which is a completely different animal than social media or social networking.

Digital alone isn’t a strategy. It’s one piece.

There was a good Seattle…

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  1. I do not blog by numbers.. truth, i only found out about “stats” a month or so ago.. i learn much here..:-)

    • i don’t blog numbers either because it’s all relative to the time and effort that anyone has available. but i like the reminder about not expecting miracles – depending on what your goals are.

  2. If one is blogging for the numbers, I think they are missing the best part of it. If you have 400,000 hits month or year….there’s no way to keep the intimacy with the readers who like you or appreciate you enough to follow you and take time out to comment. That would be a job you’d have to hire multiple ‘readers’ to do for you and what’s the fun in that? Seems to me, with out that, you may as well have an online newpaper. IMHO

    • aww thanks. i picked a question and answered it in the comments. is there anything else i should do? what i don’t enjoy doing though is passing awards on to others. i don’t feel right doing that because i’ll always feel that i’m slighting someone else. sorry if i don’t fully participate on that end.

    • i’m wondering if i did not read that post the same way as others. several people have brought certain ideas to my attention that i did not get or notice when i read it.

  3. I’m going to have to disagree with this post. First I need to say that the internet should not be THE strategy, but it certainly is A strategy.

    The internet is the way that people validate business these days, and quite frankly, without some linkage to the internet, it’s tough / impossible to succeed these days.

    Now I’m not one to use outliers to define an entire statistic, but check out this article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jan/12/amanda-hocking-self-publishing.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Business is tough regardless, but if there is an avenue to venture into, then I can’t say that it’s useless.

    That said, blogging is just fun anyway, so that’s why I do this for free with no expectation of return.

  4. I hate numbers and never blogged for them. I blog in the hope that I can share something related to the heart…
    There’s no strategy for some of us here, we post when we feel like it, we post more or nothing, we post when we have something important to say…
    I think the important part is to post things that mean something to us… If this sharing is not a good experience it makes really no sense to keep a blog just for the sake of numbers… I have learned that not the numbers matter, but the quality of the readers and their wonderful comments that help you expand your point of view… That is something that nothing can buy…

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