19 thoughts on “Love-Hate

  1. very interesting that the ‘love’ van only be read with a mirror. It seems as if the message he wants to send is ‘hate’. What do you think, Rich?

    • i hadn’t noticed that. now that i look at it that way, i realize that the expression is always “love” first, but then what he could have done was write “love” on the shirt and stand with the mirror on the right side of the picture. but also there’s a small part of the bottom of the L in the love side that’s cut off, which is the final E on the hate side. that part might look awkward in the word “love” so that’s why we see it fully on the hate side but cut off on the love side.

      i must have looked at it 20 times to be sure that it really was the same thing both in and out of the mirror.

  2. Salam .One of your friends visited my blog and pressed “like” that made me happy so thank YOU for that ,he wouldn’t find my blog without that picture .Besides you found something useful in my treasure chest and I’m glad for help 🙂

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