32 thoughts on “I Love Commercials More Than TV

  1. Funny. I watched the scarecrow one afterwards that came up as an option, and I think I liked that one better. But yeah, sometimes the commercials are better than the programs!

  2. rofl…definitely different. and also watched the scarecrow…’i do it cause i love it’. lol. Mike’s…i think he gets his bang outta his ad. budget!

  3. I just saw this on TV while watching Conan and it totally cracked me up! I laughed so hard. My husband wasn’t so sure. I have always had a pretty sick sense of humor!

  4. What you posted is more along the lines of commercials that are truly ingenious and make us think. What I wish people walked away with from this commercial is the physicality of hunting and its direct results. Unfortunately, many commercials are insidious. Take for instance this one ktikat commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwrel&v=vAVQttNfhPs&NR=1
    It’s just a normal, everyday commercial we want to end so we can continue watching our program. But if we start to pay attention to these types of “boring” ads, we can fight obesity, sexism, people being treated as objects, oppressive messages and more. All of the people in this ad are skinny and successful. I would hazard a guess that people with active, healthy lifestyles don’t habitually eat Kit-Kats. Just my say.

  5. If this is a non-alcoholic beverage, the idea is probably to convince people that the damaged brain cells obtained with alcolic beverages, and which lead to hallucinations, can also be obtained without alcohol. In other words, it’s probably just saying, “Drink this and imagine that your drunk!” If so, it is probably being aimed at drunks, who might buy the stuff because they think that it’s the drink that provides the hallucinations. Seems stupid, but then, so are drunks. And it’s got us talking so it’s good publicity. No?

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