it’s like a duet. i wrote part, she wrote part. wish i had thought of the idea. i saw she’d written a collaborative poem with someone, and my selfishness wanted to horn in on the action.


Another joint post!  I had a hard time with this one because I felt like adding anything would take away from the beauty of his poem.  Well so I guess this is two poems for the price of one!  Hope you enjoy!

by Brainsnorts and HastyWords.

Curse the glass

Of the clock, preventing me from turning back time

Of the window, stopping me from tasting nature’s breezes

Of the door, separating me from the wondrous library books

Of the bottle, bringing me the poisons that I drink

Of the broken edges, ripping me open, skin and soul

Of the picture frame, blocking me from reaching your face

Curse the glass, but don’t curse me

Just because I want to break it

Only to make my world better

Not yours.  Mine.

Curse the words

In the letter, preventing me from taking back time

In the imagery, stopping me from conveying your…

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    • noooot disappeared. exactly. just…well…recognizing what is and what isn’t. i’m not usually good at that. working on it. if that doesn’t make sense – and it shouldn’t – then e-mail me and i’ll explain.

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