The Quiet Keyboard


Someone said…

“Hey, you don’t do those New Yorker cartoon things anymore.”

“Hey, what happened to those Friday Fictioneers things?”

“No more movie reviews?  How will I know what to watch?”

“Those Language Pet Peeves.  That shit rocks!”

“Those Language Pet Peeves.  You’re better than that.”

“You suck.”

“You are brilliant.”

“I read your short stories, why don’t you ever read my blog?”

“I was on your blog.  What happened?  It used to be – good.”

This feels very trite and deserving of an eye roll, but I’m in the midst of something that’s kind of like a chrysalis moment.  I’ve been listening to advice and suggestions from various people.  No, not the ones who said “You suck.”  Others.  The ones whom I’ve asked for writing advice, and even those of whom I have not asked advice but generously offered.  They have told me things that I’ve ignored.

One thing I have often been good at is knowing when I don’t know something, knowing when I need to turn to someone else for assistance.  Not only do I need to evaluate their excellent writing advice, but I also need to package it correctly, add a little bit, and then pass that on to those who are willing to listen.  It’s good, and it came from good people.  And if it is good enough for me, then it is good enough for me to share with others who might be following behind me.  BTW – if you’re following behind me, I suggest you see what happened to the trombone players in the parade scene in Animal House.

Even just writing this much seems self serving, but it’s necessary.

I’ll explain in a day or two.    Until then, Happy Friday.


49 thoughts on “The Quiet Keyboard

  1. Hey Rich,
    I took it that you were on a creative tear and were putting your energy there. I agree with the previous comment about needing a break or just a change sometime. I’m currently taking one myself. I was set upon by a really mean flu and it took me forever to recover and I’m just now getting back to some semblance of normality, whatever that it. I’m thinking of you today as you weather the storms of the court system and the child support nightmare. Looking forward to your posts, whatever they are. Ron

  2. Looking forward to the explanation!

    I like it when blogs evolve. In a way it’s similar to when musicians do, for example; some will love it; some will hate it; tough luck.

  3. You suck? What the hell, why would anyone take the time to write this?

    You know sometimes I think people simply are idiots. I hope your introspection and time is worth it and pays you back what you need.

    • That’s what I am doing, but differently. Thoughts appreciated very much. And thank you for taking a moment from your freshly pressed world tour. Have you scheduled the European leg yet?

      • Not yet, no. I really want to focus on East Germany, but those jerks keep telling me it doesn’t exist, anymore. I’m not giving up, though.

      • they’re only trying to throw you off, and then you’ll end up in belgium with flasbacks to clint eastwood in “where eagles dare.” i’ve seen it happen.

      • that’s better than that stupid american express commercial with alicia keys and that “this girl is on fi-yaaaa” song. i mean, it’s a nice song, but it’s over played. so i hope you don’t get that stuck in your head. want a link?

  4. I know for myself when it is time to make a change and take a different direction, or reevaluate the one you’re on. Do the posts or kind of writing that pleases you and makes you feel complete. That is what counts. And sometimes, personal things in life can change our direction too. The best to you in whatever changes you need to make. I will keep checking in on your blog and see and read your new things.

      • Obviously the grammar and spelling gremlin is doing the rounds, as I clearly meant to type “good luck”. I hope that next time it rears its ugly head, we’re able to catch it and stop it eating after midnight, or getting wet, and can then kill it in some suitably graphic but amusing manner!

  5. Well, you have to do as you feel led. I certainly am.
    But, I hope you won’t give up completely on writing the blog posts.
    I do enjoy reading them.
    I think I know kinda what the explanation will be.

    • you always seem to know things. feel free to share. i don’t want to seem like i have some great secret or anything. just some observations and adjustments.

      • I have just noticed that you seem a little down on blogging lately and have switched to having more of a concern over your other writing. It makes sense. You can earn a decent living writing and you are good at it. I just didn’t want it to so overtake your life that you gave up other things you had put time and effort into…like the blogging. Dropping to once a week might be a good compromise, but you certainly have to do what you feel best for you. I just wanted you to know I would miss you.

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