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H.N. Sieverding

Welcome to another exciting author interview!

You should be super psyched about this one.  Today my interviewee is one of my good writer friends and my editing advice guru.

“More than 50% of the time, persistence wins over talent. Too many times the more talented people give up too easily, and then the less talented people get the job.”

-Rich Voza

Rich is the author of The Curse, which made it as a quarter finalist in the ABNA last year.  I think that may be the reason I first started talking to him but I can’t remember exactly.  

He lives in a house on the beach, something a lot of us dream about. He’s also a retired English teacher now turned editor and full time writer (when he isn’t spending time with his children) and writes movie reviews.  Right now he’s been working on many short stories like The Bus Stop,The Lie

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  1. huh, I feel kind of picked on. I’ll try to leave cliches out of my writing. But I write what I write. If I write for one person it’s me. Others seemed to like it also, couldn’t have been that bad.

    • oh crap im sorry. i was thinking of a recent example of something – and i got overly dramatic for what i wrote without realizing where it came from. you have a right to feel picked on, and i shouldn’t have been so dramatic. i will tell her to get that out of there. i was wrong. im sorry.

      • I’ll live. I know a writer needs to take their good and bad. I got the real review on my story. I am grateful for that. No need to take it out. It’s how you feel. I can’t improve without knowing the real deal.

      • not exactly how i feel. i took something that was a simple matter and made it sound like something really bad. that wasn’t fair. it was overblown to make it sound more “bad’ than it really is. it was a dumb choice.

  2. I liked your comments on a writer’s group and blogging. I’m great with blogging but it doesn’t get me, or take me, anywhere. As for a writer’s group, I joined one just about two years ago. We had a first meeting and exchanged emails and some of us sent stuff for feedback. I got a story from a woman, I read it, and because she was someone I didn’t know well, when I wrote her back with my feedback added onto her Word file, I said that I hoped she didn’t take anything I said negatively. I got a response back in less than ten minutes saying she wouldn’t read my feedback if I was going to be negative and I had no business being in a group if “picking apart” other’s work was all I was interested in. I never went back to the group. Despite still feeling drawn toward being a part of a small group, that experience makes me very hesitant.

    • i can understand that totally. i hesitated to join a second group after the first one crapped out. so far, i’ve got mixed feelings, but i can’t deny the community atmosphere. finding a group to meet in person is not easy but much better than something online. i found one through a website called meetup.com someone suggested it to me. the site hosts many different types of groups and they’re broken down by state and local areas. thanks for reading all that.

  3. Very good interview! I considered looking for a writers group here in Dallas, but the last time I did this was back home in Houston. Like Michael I had a similar experience and am reluctant to waste my time with thin skinned ijits.

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