Do Heroes Get Old?


It would be wrong not to preface this with two undeniable facts: First, I am old. Because I am old, I am no longer part of Hollywood’s target audience. And because I am no longer part of the target audience, I am not likely to enjoy at least half of what La La Land cranks out every year. Having said that, there are times when we just have to bite the bullet, pull yourself up by your orthopedic-bootstraps, take advantage of your handicapped parking privilege, ask about senior citizen ticket pricing (for which I don’t yet qualify), and watch something you don’t really want to watch. However, this time I slept until 10, got a cup of coffee, and watched something On Demand.

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3 thoughts on “Do Heroes Get Old?

  1. Have you seen RED and RED2? (Retired and Extremely Dangerous?) I’ve not but they look good to me (on the other hand I’m a sucker for anything with Dame Helen Mirren in it these days). A different type of “superhero” but it does address the question of how to deal with retirement!

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