6 thoughts on “Weekly Spotlight: Brainsnorts.com

  1. Thank you for continuing to have a wonderful site. You do set the bar quite high as an example of a high quality site. I look forward to continuing to reading the great content.
    -Jerry B

  2. Nice to meet you, brainsnorts…love the name BTW! So much more pleasant than the brain farts which seem to be a problem I have been having for days. Busily working on my next big production, Say, “Whoopie!” with me. Thought I would stop in and say hello. Will be signing up for writing 2.0-2.7 very soon, as I need all of the help I can get 🙂

    • whoooopieeee! pleasure to meet you, and never hesitate to ask any questions regarding language, grammar, writing, or anything else except plumbing. not big with plumbing. one mistake, and you’re ripping up the floor. a risk not worth taking.

      • I write with a Southern dialect and my sentences tend to be too long and drawn out, and we are sort of like that, and we tend to use the word “and” a lot also. With this very new WIP (15,072 words so far, not counting the 30,000 I scrapped for a rewrite) I am working on correcting some of those bad habits but you might see them still in comments. I am married to a rocket scientist who also does plumbing, so I probably won’t require those services of you. He reads two to three crime novels a week, and I am writing one now. I won’t allow him to beta read for me though, because he loves everything I write, even when it is crap. So I might be calling on you for that in a few months, but I’m not making any promises. I stuck myself with some bad attribution tags in my first novel, but an edit took care of that. I would much rather get it right from the start than to be required to do heavy editing, so I just might have to inquire on something soon, you never know.

      • good to know. and if you have to choose between getting the first draft typed that needs heavy edits or not typing at all – go with the heavy edits. sometimes there’s a “mood” in your head that is ready, even though it may come out sloppy. it’s still good to keep typing while you’re still in that “mood.” hey, that might be a good idea for “writing 2.8.” thanks!

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