– beach

clouds coming – brigantine, nj
 i mentioned on another page that trees fascinate me, and so do clouds.  i guess it’s just something about nature that catches my eye.  hopefully the eyes of most people.  my sister has a place in a beach town about an hour north of me.  sometimes i’ll see storm clouds out of reach heading north, and i’ll call her to let her know that a storm is on the way.  sometimes i’ve got a lovely, sunny beach day, but she’s getting poured on.  that sucks.  sometimes it’s reversed.  also sucks.

fox on the beach – brigantine, nj
 went up to the beach late in the day, and on the way i heard people mumbling about a fox.  i had read in the paper that residents complained about a few foxes roaming, but i wondered why it would be such a big deal.   then i saw this guy running around.  i’m still not sure what the big deal is.  unless you have chickens in your yard, what kind of damage are foxes capable of doing?

beach morning - avalon, nj

This is probably my single favorite picture that i’ve taken.  i was taking an early morning drive along the shore through the usual towns i like to do nothing more than drive through – ocean city, sea isle city, stone harbor, avalon, cape may.  i was stopped at a drawbridge and noticed a man, woman, and dog playing in the surf.  i got lucky that the guy was far enough out of the frame and that the sun was low enough to make the silvery, shimmery effects on the water.


there are several people who have catamarans in brigantine and leave them on the beach all summer.  occasionally, they’ll ask random people if they’d like to go out for a sail.  if they ever ask me, i’ll certainly go, but i haven’t been that lucky yet.  rarely are they all lined up like this, but it looks kind of cool.
about every half mile on brigantine beach is a lifeguard stand, and at each stand is a lifeboat.  most boats are white, like this one.  there’s also one that’s orange and one blue.  neither orange or blue presented enough contrast with the sky and surf, so i stuck with the white one.  as the tide goes in and out, the lifeguards move the boat with it.  i had to wait a while for the tide to come in enough to get the reflection of the boat on the sand to make it a little “brighter.”  to see a similar effect, watch any movie in which there’s a scene of cars chasing each other and you’ll notice that the streets have been wet down.  wet streets reflect more light and kind of “brighten” up the shot.  same thing here.
beach bike
 most beach towns are full of cruiser bikes, like this one.  the idea of a bike, with its oiled chain, riding in sand is rather disturbing.  however, it still looks interesting enough. 

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