I found the most beautiful gem

Some of it is a greenish blue

Some of it is porcelain white

Waves of brown and gold

It’s a work of art

Sometimes I just look at it

admire its graceful curves

wonder who cast that perfect surface


But this precious stone isn’t mine

And when my time is over

It will be for someone else to find

It will be in the hands of another

24 thoughts on “precious

    • it was sad. i was writing about someone who i was in love with but was married to someone else. and the earth metaphor. thanks for feeling what i was going for.

  1. Beautiful!!! But you know, Rich, in reality noone and nothing belongs to us… We spend so much time of our life trying to posess things and hearts and love… All is ours for a mere moment, or maybe not even that long… Everything flows, everything changes… Panta Rhei…

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  3. Salam 🙂 I hope you will be here today to answer my question =)
    “Some of it is porcelain white ” do you mean that some of it is made of porcelain or some of it is as white as porcelain for the line bears two meanings and I want to know which one you mean.Thanks in advance. =)

  4. I would prefer meaning 2 if I have to choose for it’s beautiful to focus on the inner beauty of woman as well. she’s as delicate as porcelain it reveals a lot about the essence of woman .

    • yes, there are two meanings. the first was that the “precious gem” was a woman, and the porcelain white was her face, but that could also mean her inner beauty. that works too. but the second meaning is that the “precious gem” is the earth. the blue and green are water and leaves/trees. the brown and gold are soil, sunlight, sand. the white would be both clouds and also snow-capped mountains and snowy areas.

      so basically, you are correct. two meanings.

    • the thought is that the earth is borrowed. i’m using it, but i have to put it back. however, about the woman, sometimes relationships end, and although i loved her at the time, i knew that it might not last, so in a way, she was “borrowed” from the rest of the world and might someday belong to someone else – as she does now.

      • I don’t love the idea . Woman are so precious to be borrowed , or used up then turned down to be borrowed by another man then turned down to be used up by another then another , then disposed of when no one wants to borrow her . Is that your perception in loving a woman?

      • Not at all. My perception was that relationships can sometimes be temporary. They need to be earned. And if we don’t work and do our best to keep them healthy, they might be gone.

  5. I loved the poem ,it’s like a knight was talking about his mysterious princess that he didn’t even mention her name ,you comparing her to a precious stone fascinated me for and that word “borrow” doesn’t goes with the poem. I don’t love the word.

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