9 thoughts on “Tuesdays are ‘Open Mic’ at my blog. Today’s guest is Richard Voza, answering a few writerly questions

  1. That was great.. Yes, if you don’t believe in your own words no one else can/will.

    Keep pounding the pavement (and keep a part-time job.we all know writers starve 🙂

    Best of luck!!!!

    • thanks. i’m just starting, but i’m not stopping. it starts with “type type type type…” and then add people like you for flavor.

  2. Great interview. Interesting how people have different gifts. I can write, but I would struggle with developing a story. So cheers to your gift!

    • thank you sir. and yes, you’re talking about collaboration, and being able to know when to step forward and when to step back is itself another gift.

  3. Don’t worry 🙂 You’ll have plenty of opportunities … I’m quite sure you’ll be published in no time.

    Just think, those who were short sighted will RUE the day the thought your work wasn’t for them. Hmmph. So there…

    And for the record, for a guy who doesn’t believe in ghosts, you sure write a lot about them. LOL !

    Admit it! you believe!!! LOL 🙂 I bet if Babe Ruth showed up in your house unannounced you’d believe then!

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