Famous Guest Blogger – Letter to the Author

someone is having a helluva time traveling through europe, but it ain’t me.

The Blissful Adventurer

Rich, the anti-eponymous author of the wildly popular blog brainsorts expressed to me after my stats complaining post the other day that he would gladly take credit for putting my blog on the map and being the supporter that would get me eventually published.

Of course, I challenged him to explain that in detail to my audience which he has so masterfully done with this short piece I am publishing today. I don’t think even my Mom gets me like Rich. This glowing piece of work here depicts me in a light that not even the back of my hand could understand.

OK, I need to share a little bit about my guest author (although I know most of the folks here know him better than I)

When Rich isn’t busy cruising the Gravatars of attractive ladies on my blog he can be found hawking several exceptional pieces…

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37 thoughts on “Famous Guest Blogger – Letter to the Author

      • not at all. and what’s wrong with a suggestion? that’s like lots of great things happen, when one person has some knowledge, and so does someone else, and they put it together. like “sonny and cher.” glad i thought of that one. it made me think about other people here who know more than me about certain things and asking if they’d write about something that i’d post on my blog, and in turn there might be something i could post on that person’s blog. as if i’m the first person to think of that…

      • It’s genius though, collaboration leads to some of the best creativity. Food for thought! We’re already on the same page with our comment box!

  1. I’m quite pleased with myself, actually. I really nailed it with you two, didn’t I? I should set up blind dates more often. 🙂

    Michael, Rich — you two are dinner and the show! Now, which one of you gets to be the dinner and which one the show, I’ll leave that up to you; either way, the pairing is sublime. In fact, Sonny and Cher ain’t got nothing on you two!

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