New Yorker Magazine Caption Contest #331

“Just ignore him, Bill.  Let him pass.”

Every week, The New Yorker magazine has an excellent caption contest.  You create an online account, and then you freely go to the link and submit your caption.  After about a week, there’s a vote among the top three captions, according to people at the magazine with no sense of humor.  Most weeks, the three finalists seem to suck.  Very often, the winner is a random thing that has nothing to do with the picture.

Regardless, it’s fun to enter.  Give it a shot.  You might like it.  I’ll attempt to remember to bring you each week’s cartoon for you to write a caption.  Click on the picture, and it’ll go to their site.


33 thoughts on “New Yorker Magazine Caption Contest #331

  1. That caption is pretty good. Corny, but pretty good.
    Hey, have you read much of Jean-Paul Sartre? His vignettes, short stories, or whatever, remind me of your writing. I was just re-reading some of them the other day. Go back to The Wall, The Room, Intimacy, EroStratus and Childhood of A Leader. He only wrote 5 of these vignettes. Read them again and see if you don’t find your work is similar to his.

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