The Liberal Media?

reposted from about 3 years ago, but you’ve never read it.


I’m rather tired of hearing about the “liberal media.” in fact, i don’t agree with the thought, although i don’t disagree either.  let me explain.

are the media on the left, sort of liberal in their attitudes?  I’d have to admit, yes they are. however, are they automatically left, just because they think that liberal is the best way to be?  hell no. let me explain that too.

answer these questions please:

who pays more attention to world events than anyone else?

who pays more attention to u.s. events than anyone else?

who pays more attention to state and local events than anyone else?

whose job is it to examine pretty much everything that happens in this world, digest it, regurgitate it, and make sense of it in order that the general public can understand and react to it?

yes, the answer to every question is “the media.”

therefore, next question:

given that the media is more aware of everything that happens in this world than anyone else, then whose opinion would be more informed than anyone else’s?  whose opinions are determined with a better awareness of the facts, a better understanding of the facts, and a better formulation of the facts because they are more aware of the facts than anyone else?

yes, the answer again is “the media.”  and i realize, without being blindly foolish, that there are times when the media has to pick and choose what they believe are the most relevant facts.  i know they can’t present everything and must pick and choose at times.  i also know that they need to get ratings.

so, if the media are the most aware, most informed, and the most credible segment of society, then whose opinions, thoughts, and answers are probably formed with the best composition and understanding of reality?

yes, again, the media.

so, if the media has been determined to be the best informed segment of society, then i guess it makes total sense to accept most of the information from the “liberal” media – because who would know better?  I’m not saying they’re 100% perfect 100% of the time.  i’m just saying that I’m going to accept what they say, but i’ll follow up and wait until I have a reason not to accept what they say.  I’ll still check out the facts to whatever degree i can, but i can at least believe they go forth with good intentions and not a liberal bias.

I’m sure not going to trust the websites that my friend (nameless tim) keeps talking about.  the sites that have definitive proof that Obama was born in Kenya, and definitive proof that trayvon martin had a gun but the liberal media won’t talk about it, and the sites that show how ufo’s are controlling Israel.  okay, i made that last part up, but those other “facts” can be found on the same websites t hat advertise gunracks for pick up trucks and gunmen for hire.  they might have some ted nugent concert tickets for sale too.


46 thoughts on “The Liberal Media?

  1. Rich,

    You really have a way of placing perspective and I enjoy it a lot. There has been so much muck tossing and you don’t toss any, how refreshing is that! I would also like to comment on your car…..That is a spectacular post I laughed so hard, my dog thought I was choking and offered to give me mouth to mouth. Your writing is excellent. Thank you so much for making my day. Light & Blessings.

    • i’ve driven women to run, throw things, curse me out, and several other things – but i’ve never caused a woman to kiss a dog instead of me. i appreciate your kind words, and i’ll try to give you a reason to repeat them.

      • i can’t. therefore, i can imagine you however i wish. and if i wish – pouf! – you’ve got curly green hair. and if i wish – pouf! – you’re dressed like a ham sandwich. and if i wish – pouf! – you’re crawling to me and begging me for more. and – ow! hey, i didn’t wish to get slapped. oh well. guess even imagination has its drawbacks.

      • 🙂 😆 of all the people I know none imagined me like a sandwich… nor I ever ever begged for anything… my hair is not green… but since you’ve got the right texture of my hair, I admit that you know me… 😆 😀
        you know, I refuse to see the flaws in people… I only show them the bright side… I am sick of the bad sarcastic side, so I never give it to others… 🙂

      • but now, after having established another aspect of friendliness, i would know that something sarcastic was just good playfulness. and it’d be fine. and then we’d be out at dinner, and you’d go to the ladies room, and i’d have a bug in my pocket that i’d drop in your wine. and then you’d come back, take a sip, get grossed out. and i’d say, “see. it was just good fun.” there are many firsts. and it’d be the first time someone threw a glass of wine at me.

      • no… I would never threw it at you. I would take the poor bug out with my finger, make sure he’s alive and then I’d smile and kiss your cheek and say “you are such a big kid”… 🙂

      • forget it, I’d take the poor creature out before you can torture him again… 😆
        but you can still have my glass of wine… let’s hope you did not have a stinky bug in your pocket… 🙂

      • oh no. not them. i used to have a house that had lots of lady bugs in the attic in the winter. by lots, i really mean maybe 10 at any given time. not clumped together but in random places. they were kinda neat.

      • love watching their little feet walk back and forth. then when they know there’s nowhere to go, they freeze up, then that back shell opens up, and bzzzzzzz….

      • holy crap. we’re having this cool conversation in the comments about liberal media.

        hi everybody. don’t mind us. hey, put your dress back on.

      • i remember walking somewhere with my mother, i was only a kid, and i saw a woman doing something gross. i forget what, maybe spitting. and i said something to my mother like, “i think that lady is sick.” and she said, “it might be a woman, but it ain’t no lady.”

      • It’s true… 😦
        my childhood memories are very much related to nature… at that time I was pretty sick and I have spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s house… that was the most wonderful childhood…
        judging what people do is a very sensitive thing… you might not understand always correctly what they do or why… many see a gesture of a woman kissing a man as a love related thing… there are few people that believe that a woman and a man can be really sincere friends like in childhood… what for you can be a joke(putting a bug in my wine) can be a crime in my eyes… what for you is a logical reaction (considering the types of women you have had in your life) for me is something that would not even pass through my mind… What would tell throwing the wine at you about me? that I’m unbalanced, agressive, impulsive and that I cannot express myself in words?

      • could be. nothing positive i guess, or ladylike. what would it tell you about me that i would suggest you might throw the wine at me?

      • that you’are used only to this kind of reaction from a woman next to you if you joke in a childish way… 🙂
        or that you never met a woman that was really patient with you…
        or that you never met a really good woman, that can turn anything in a positive thing…
        the key words in your mind were: ladies room, bug, throw , dress and lady…
        not all women powder their noses… some are even happy without make up…
        not all women are affraid of bugs…
        not all women throw things…
        not all women like dresses…
        not all women are ladies… 🙂

      • all of the above. but mainly because i like self-effacing humor. the more i put myself down, the more humble it makes me appear.

      • someone that has a bit of wisdom and really loves you sees beyond jokes and beyond mistakes and even beyond fear or humility… but for that one must see with their heart, not with the naked eye…

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