non-smokers’ rights

another post that you never saw because it was from four years ago.  ish.

i don’t mind if people smoke. it’s a right that you have, and i would not do anything to take it away from anyone provided that they’re not in my home and they’re not in a place where i am unable to leave, like an airport, elevator, waiting room for a doctor, etc. however, i do have a problem with many – not all – many smokers.

i know that not every smoker tosses the cigarette butt out of their car while driving in front of me. i know they don’t all think the roads are their personal trash can, but i’m getting very angry with those smokers who do that. would they also toss out the wrapper from the straw they just got from the burger king drive-thru? maybe they would, but i don’t see anything else released into the wild from a car window as much as i see the burning, ash-flying cigarette butt. my ex-wife used to get very annoyed and tell me i was going to get shot one day because i would get out of my car at a red light, pick up the cigarette butt someone else just tossed, knock on their window, and say, “hey, you dropped this.”

how many times do i have to walk to my car in a parking lot and step in a pile of what was once someone’s car ash tray? why do smokers think that it’s okay to pull the tray from the car, dump it in the parking lot, and leave it there for the rest of the world to deal with?

because of those littering habits, smokers seem like arrogant, selfish, flip-you-the-bird kind of people, and i know they are not all like that. the problem is that the nicer smokers don’t stand out because they take care of their trash. it’s the trashy smoker who draws attention to his or herself by trashing the world around them.

53 thoughts on “non-smokers’ rights

  1. I can’t stand smoking and was so grateful when the no smoking ban came in some years ago. I worked in a pub during college and it was a horrible smoky environment before the ban.

  2. Haha, what a great idea – pick the “eeewwww-thingie” up and knock on the window and give it back! 🙂 I´ve never ever tasted to smoke, and I don´t understand smokers at all….sorry smokers, but you know that you are shorting your life with at least 7 min for every single cigarette 😦 Not your fault….it´s the damn ppl who make them that addictive (or how to say in english….habit-forming?) 🙂

  3. My grandfather died because somebody threw a cigarette butt in a field on a hot summer day, and he was unable to move as he was in a wheelchair at that time. That is why I always step on other people’s cigarette butts when they don’t dispose of them in a proper way. It’s very important to understand the harms of believing that the world is your ashtray!

      • I know, I know… my mom was a smoker since I was a child… I understand this better than many… smokers must always respect the others… 🙂

      • Rich, not all smokers are bastards… please believe this… I know smokers that are great people that I really love… They do not make a mess around, they smoke away from others, they clean after themselves… but I guess we all see smoking through the eyes of our personal experience… 🙂

      • certainly. definitely. and i hate to say it but there is a sexiness with women who have a cigarette in their fingers…

  4. My parents smoked through my childhood and I loathed it. When I got older it got to me and I started I always blamed their second hand smoke seeping into my pores because I actually craved it. I’ve quit a bunch of times but it still has its claws in me in times of high stress(like when my dad had his heartattack) but under no circumstances do I flick them out the window. If I smoked in my car (which I don’t anymore) I had some kind of ashtray in the car. Sorry long winded.

      • weeellll. depends on your definition. actually, i once watched a family of smokers grieving when their father died of smoking. one of the daughters cracked me up the first time i met her when she was pregnant, a bunch of little kids were running around the house at a party, and she yelled something like, “these kids better not be sick! i’m pregnant you know!” then she lit up a cigarette. so it made me think of a way to stop people from smoking. it’s based on making you visualize certain things that you wouldn’t want to visualize and then repulsing you to the point where you’d want to stop. it worked a few times, i think one time it didn’t work.

      • That’s amazing, well I will let you know if this recent quit doesn’t take and then I will try any method to stop this madness!

  5. I’m a smoker but in my defense (not that I really need one) I do not smoke in my home, car, at work or any other confined area. My children have never seen me smoke in public with them. When I was in the Army we used to have to pick up those butts and I hated it then and I use ashtrays provided in public places.. I detest people that litter and people that spit in public.. all are gross..period..
    cure me magic man… it’s an awful addiction

  6. I used to smoke but I never did anything like that. Smoking was not allowed in my car unless the car was stopped and the windows down. No-one could smoke while I was driving. I didn’t want cigarette smoke or ash or embers in my eyes, or anywhere else, for that matter.

      • In my family, women were not allowed to be more intelligent than men. I have two half-brothers whose I.Q.s are over 140. Mine’s 138 (or was, it’s supposed to decrease after 25). I have another half-brother whose I.Q. is probably about the same as mine. His parents continually asked him if he wanted to drive a truck when he left school. My father always told my half-brothers that I wasn’t very intelligent. That sort of thing sticks with you, you know. So, I’m always surprised on the rare occasions when someone seems to think that I’m intelligent.

      • not allowed. ha! love that phrase. mine was 135 when i was in high school. not sure now. i thought it stays the same.

      • What we lose is supposed to be replaced by wisdom. By which I suppose they mean experience of life. I was tested when I was 14 and removed from school when I was 15. I wonder whether the two things are connected. Interesting. Hadn’t thought about that before.

      • I wanted to finish High School and go to University but I was told that I had to go to work. All my teachers expected me back after the holidays but I started work in a bank. Women only worked until they married so I suppose that it was considered a waste to educate us. I probably could have refused to leave but I was so flattered that my father was finally taking some notice of me that I agreed to everything he said. He didn’t even have custody of me so Mum could have refused too, but it didn’t happen. So I’m the only one without diplomas. I’m also the only girl.

      • wow. a time and thinking of which i know nothing about. are you resentful about it? i’d want to shoot someone.

      • I am a bit. I tried to get into University in France via a course proposed by the State but both times that I tried, I was told that I was “too good” in the tests. No faults in English and among the best in French, which astounded me. They explained that they didn’t want either the best or the worst because they had to have a certain percentage of failures so that they wouldn’t be accused of “choosing” and were only selecting mediocre people. I told them that, not only were they “choosing”, they were also preparing a mediocre future for France with that attitude. Which didn’t help.

  7. Alright, this got a lot of comments. I must say as a current ex-smoker that smoking is a nasty habit but sometimes I still miss it. I’ve stepped down to the lowest nicotine electronic cig and it seems to be working. BTW I always disposed of my butts properly. But you already know that I’m a good person 😉

  8. I’d laugh my ass off if I saw someone go out and knock on someone’s window like that (awesome). I’m kinda a wuss so I couldn’t do it but I would like to. My biggest pet peeve is when people smoke at crowded public events or when there’s kids around. But-back to the throwing out the window thing-I could smack people who throw cups and bags out their windows too. People are so retarded, stop being such litterbugs! Jeeze!

  9. Oh, no…I’m a dreaded smoker…don’t smoke in my car and even if I did, I would never dump my ashtray in a parking lot – that really is gross!!

  10. All smokers are selfish, disgusting, hateful people, never met one who wasn’t…that includes my own parents, who are chain-smokers. Why do smokers think other people would like to spend time with them, when they stink to high heaven?

    • dunno. i won’t say “all” are like that, but “many” for sure. or maybe “all” that you’ve met. that’s fair to say.

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