Friday Fictioneers 5/11 – via Madison Woods

every wednesday madison woods posts a picture prompt to challenge writers to create a 100-word story or poem or anything that works for you.  then post your work on your blog.  additionally, on friday, you go back to her site and post a link to your blog entry in the comments on her friday fictioneers post.

i’m going to try to keep up with this, as should you.  give it a shot.  i prefer to stick to 100 words, but she doesn’t mind either way.  not everyone has an hour and a half like i had this morning to sit and write, revise, edit, revise, edit, etc. until getting it down to 100 and telling everything you want to tell.

here’s this week’s picture.  if you don’t want to read my entry or be influenced by what i wrote, then don’t scroll beyond the picture.  until friday.





He dropped again.  Sun eating him, chewing his skin mostly bare. Without strength to find a tree’s shade, he fell, but found a puddle.  An inch deep, struggling to drink.  Salvation, temporary, but better than chains and collars now gone.  Had quietly watched, waited, the moment to run.  Pulling off the collar stripped away skin.  Bleeding.

They were coming.  No strength left.  Drinking more, he prayed for death.  In the haze stood someone welcoming him to the other side.  Gone now, but safe.

* * * *

The man kicked at the lifeless dog before heading back to the shelter.


100 words

78 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 5/11 – via Madison Woods

  1. Oh gosh. Poor Pup. I like the way you told this; I was thinking all manner of animals as I read.

    I finished mine for Friday, but was trying to hold off posting it. I’ll probably post it later because I’m not able to wait the extra day. I hate staring at it in my draft folder.

  2. I thought that it was a human. I was actually rather relieved to discover that it was a dog. What’s wrong with me? And you’ve totally mastered the writing “from the inside” thing with the dog. Which is why I thought that it was human. So my next question would have to be: “What’s wrong with YOU?”

  3. Great story and yes, it made me sad too. Shame you’re only allowed 100 words. Another 25 words might have introduced a truck that mowed down the horrible human…

      • Not in my childrens writers’ world! 50 words then to bring doggy back to life:)

        The truck roared away into the night. The man’s kick had awakened a last gasp in the body on the ground. A whiff of cheese reached the motionless canine…the man must have dropped his sandwich! The dog crawled closer, licking the nourishing protein, as the moonlight broke through the clouds.

  4. At first I thought it was about a human too…runaway slave or convict type of thing…but then to know it was a dog! I tend to like dogs better than people…this killed me! Yes sir, you caught the soul. Good job.

  5. man this is great! i love the duality here and the twist. very nice writing. i hate that i missed this week’s FF, but it’s just been that kinda week. good work on this one

    • thanks a bunch. means a lot coming from someone with your background. missed it? you still have plenty of time. even if it’s tomorrow.

  6. I have to agree with Darlene, awesome! You write in a way that directly make me think/read in pictures. And theese words made me sad and angry at the same time – darn bastard and poor dog 😦

    • thanks. the staccato was partly cutting down to 100 words, but also partly supposed to mimic the heartbeat that was becoming weaker and weaker.

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