#fridayfictioneers 5/25 – via madison woods

Every Wednesday Madison Woods posts a picture prompt to challenge writers to create a 100-word story or poem or anything that works for you.  then post your work on your blog.  additionally, on friday, you go back to her site and post a link to your blog entry in the comments on her friday fictioneers post.

I’m going to try to keep up with this, as should you.  give it a shot.  i prefer to stick to 100 words, but she doesn’t mind either way.  not everyone has an hour and a half like i had this morning to sit and write, revise, edit, revise, edit, etc. until getting it down to 100 and telling everything you want to tell.

here’s this week’s picture.  i am not thrilled with what i’ve produced though.




“Hey, that’s discrimination!  I’m a taxpayer!  I got some green!”

“I think green means money, not your exoskeleton.”

“Yeah, whatever, man.  I just want a f**king Happy Meal.”

“How about Happy Mealworms?  Hey, that’s funny, man.”

“Oh, yeah.  But I got the munchies, and I got my antennae aimed at them French fries.”

“Nah, man.  When I got the munchies, I need double cheeseburgers.”

He knocked, but again the window stayed.

“Ah, this sucks.  Let’s try Wendy’s.”

“How about White Castle?”

“If we can’t get through a window, how you think we’re gonna get in a castle?”

“We’re bugs, jackass!”


100 words

49 thoughts on “#fridayfictioneers 5/25 – via madison woods

  1. Ha ha…I saw the picture on her blog and thought wow youth one…but I have read 4 so far including yours and all different, yet all do very well done. You put humor in this and I never would have thought of that looking at the pic. Well done!!!

  2. Nice twist at the end. I thought you could’ve metaphored it up a bit earlier, like maybe instead of ‘the window stayed’, ‘the window stared back’, or something like that. It works okay as it is though.

  3. not quite the ‘moth-man’ prophecies…but I thought it was good too! Got a laugh…in a sort of beavis and butthead way. 🙂 you are so hard on yourself…but then, all you writers are. lighten up…have some fun…this one was fun.

  4. Hahah, good story. In spite of having no ideas until the last minute, you came up with a good one 🙂

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