don’t even reply

Reposted from about three years ago, because it’s damn funny…


Someone recently came to me with a website and said, “Hey, is this your website?  Are you responsible for this?”

I checked it out and thought two things:

1. It was damn hilarious.

2. While I was very flattered that I came to mind, I could only wish to be smart enough that this was my site.

Please check it out.

It’s someone who goes on craigslist, finds interesting ads with things for sale, services, etc.  They then reply with an e-mail showing interest, but it’s a joke, and they see how long they can keep playing e-mail tennis with the person who posted the original ad until the reply was something like “get lost, f- off, don’t even reply,” or something like that.

It’s just brilliant.

45 thoughts on “don’t even reply

  1. once, when I had time, I answered one of those emails that promise you a million bucks… said I couldn’t take the money because it wouldn’t be moral, and suggested he get a private detective to help him look for the family of the bank client that had died… according to his tale… this went on for quite some time… he thought he was talking to a fool… and for some reason, I found it amusing. But then I got many more letters like that… there was no point in keeping on…

  2. Oh god. I made of the mistake of reading this at work. I had to strain to stop myself from laughing when I read the Glorious Master Translator post. Hilarious stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  3. So basically it’s “Punked” but for the internet. I’ll admit I enjoy watching practical jokes; however, I loathe having them played on me! I don’t think I’m alone on that one . . .

  4. this is exactly what i’d love to do if i had the time; i sent a letter to a newspaper once complaining about an article they’d never actually written….i got no reply

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