My Top 10 (bad) Hurricane Sandy “Tweets”

(from my annoying facebook page during the storm)

some of this will not be funny unless you watched CNN’s storm coverage.

(click on the picture above)

1. Hurricane Sandy makes landfall in AC but 99% of CNN staff in Battery Park, NY. Thanks Ali Velshi fo’ representin’ AC. Go Ali. it’s your birthday. Go Ali. In da’ howwwss.

2. Wait. what?  Obama signs for federal aid for Pennsylvania but not NJ?  Can someone get him a map? Yeah yeah, I’ve seen the test scores.  That’s no excuse.

3. We got needles for heroin addicts, but we can’t find rain boots for AC hookers?   Yo, Gov. Christie, wat up wit dat?

4. Hey. Erin Burnett.  How ’bout you splurge for a Vera Wang windbreaker? #bulky.

5. Another 50 ft. And my taxes will double. Can you say “beachfront”?

6. That’s twice I had to switch my laptop over to my smartphone’s mobile hotspot.  Can it get more primitive?

7. No buffalo chicken dip at a hurricane party?  Note to self – new friends for Christmas.

8. I’m learning lessons for future storms. Buy more cheese.  Really? Packaged shredded cheddar?

9. These storm complications were very unpredictable. CNN? local news?  Monday night football?

10. Attn: Rob Marciano – you didn’t look this happy standing next to Anderson Cooper.  Guess those rumors are wrong?

8 thoughts on “My Top 10 (bad) Hurricane Sandy “Tweets”

  1. Very good. Not surprised you worked Erin into the mix.

    We were out for dinner, and the restaurant had HLN on instead of ESPN … and I got a surprise treat of the classy Kyra Phillips with her new hair.

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