i before e and Irregardless


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Since today my blog seems dedicated to writing I figured it would be a good time to share a fabulous resource for the Rules of Good Writing and accurate grammar. Rich Voza lays them all out for you in his Writing Pet Peeves. I find myself constantly checking back to verify if my writing is in line. He covers a lot of the most common mistakes.

From the get go in Pet Peeves 1 I was way out of bounds. A lifetime use of the word irregardless whose usage, unlike Rich contends, is not relegated solely to South Jersey. Since I was a Philly girl born and raised. I told him I’m an enigma and this’s part of the riddle that I call me. I also shamefully misused my beloved ellipsis……but I love……and now that I know the rules he has completely ruined me and damn………. nothing is the same…

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12 thoughts on “i before e and Irregardless

      • you can’t tell anyone if there is nothing to tell. it was a group of 16 who chipped in at work. i used to run something like that in a workplace until i was told it’s a form of “gambling” and not permitted among school employees. makes no sense.

      • I knew about the worker group, but there was another winning ticket in NJ. Ah yes .. another Rich at Work story!

        FYI: CR has obviously returned from a sunny vacation.

      • dangit. i’m still at the beach where there is no tv. it has it’s positives and negatives. when people visit, like last week some family was here from arizona, just left yesterday, i want people to sit, talk, play scrabble or cards, and not become tv zombies. sometimes it backfires, like last week when two of the family members were not getting along and i had to be the buffer, or when a child was sick, the tv would have helped. but there are two dvd players and maybe a dozen movies if necessary.

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