– ima be ima be saying

There was this headline today on Yahoo!news that linked to a Redbook magazine story about parenting:

            “Should mom be selling girl scout cookies for her daughter?”

Why “be selling”?  What is wrong with “Should mom sell Girl Scout cookies for her daughter?”

There’s a growing, and annoying, prevalence of “be” in language, and I’m not sure why or where it’s coming from.  Well, I think I know where, but I’m not sure, and I’m not happy about my theory.  It’s all about tense. 

            I sell.  You sell.  He sells.  They sell.

            I be selling.  You be selling.  He be selling.  They be selling.

If I use “be selling” then I’ll always be correct.  I don’t have to worry about sold, has sold, had sold, will sell, will have sold, etc.

This is the theory which is mine.

9 thoughts on “– ima be ima be saying

    • nobody has to be perfect. however, nobody really thinks the language says “ima be.” we all know it’s “i am going to be.” you might not know everything, but i’m sure you’re not as lazy and phony as the “ima be” kids.

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