Flash Fiction (almost) Friday

I’m not a rule breaker, but I am a rule-find-a-way-arounder.

The 100-word writing challenge from Madison Woods isn’t supposed to be submitted until Friday on her website, but that doesn’t mean I can’t post mine on Thursday here on my blog.  I had a lot of positive reactions last week, and I gained a bunch of followers from her readers.  When I saw the picture, I knew exactly what I was going to write.  afterward, I had such a physical reaction that I couldn’t wait.

Please feel free to write your creative piece – prose or poetry or anything – and submit it on her site on Friday.  It’s fun, and you learn something too.  I learned something already – that there’s something wrong with me because this is only supposed to be an intro to a writing assignment, and the word “I” has appeared eleven times.  Talk about self centered.

The picture:

The sound came first.  Pounding above like a rumbling truck.  Heavy rain.  She was walking alone, fell into an unseen hole.  It collapsed.  Brace arms, arch back, make air pocket, yell for help, don’t panic.

It worked, but uncounted hours in total dark, buried, screaming, drying her up.  Dirt in her eyes, ears, nose, mouth.  She turned her head, tongue stretched to catch the rain seeping through three feet of earth.  Beneath her, the crying kitten she saved.

But the rain was increasing.  Kitten struggled in mud.  Her back weakened.  The water was rising.  She was sinking.

Don’t panic.

71 thoughts on “Flash Fiction (almost) Friday

  1. Dramatic! Choice and play of words superb!

    And this happens with me too… Madison’s prompt teases till Friday when you can actually finally manifest your thoughts into 100 words! 🙂
    I am done with my entry too.. Will post it just as I am done with this comment.

  2. Hauntingly sad. Not one person sinking, but the kitten as well. Though your style of writing may not necessarily invite empathy for the victims, I do believe it it s there, nevertheless. Well done!

  3. Thinking about the ways a person could die is creepy. Getting buried alive and drowning both make the list of terrifying ways to go. Great job on this.

  4. Rich I see where you say people take offense to your comments but I read your inquiries. Not a single one is rude only short on words and to the point.
    I see you save them for maximum impact.
    Here are your emotions and empathy.
    This is so powerful it is as if a memory surfaced.
    Mission Accomplished.
    BTW your questions are the exact ones readers ask.

  5. Oh so much easier said than done. I’m already panicked. Great story, Rich, and I enjoyed the intro too, lol.

  6. Hi Rich, sorry for the late comment on this. Very powerful piece, really placed me right in the thick of it with her. I could feel the adrenaline, the claustrophobia. No good deed goes unpunished? Great writing. Thanks for visiting mine. 🙂

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