The Road to Publishing

From what I’ve been told, because I know nothing about it first hand, the road to publishing a book includes many little trips along the way.  One of those trips is getting smaller things published, like short stories.  I haven’t tried that option yet, although I plan to.  Here’s one place for such a step:

The Washington Pastime

I won’t go into all of the details about what they offer because you’ll find that out yourself if you plan to get published.  I only learned about this site yesterday, so I barely know anything about it.  However, from what I have seen so far, it’s got a lot to offer.  It exists for one reason – to help writers get attention and eventually published.  It’s for both fiction and non-fiction, with a little bit of poetry.  And it’s got a good page of resources about those little steps I mentioned before.  One quick fact: they want fiction less than 3,000 words.  Also, they have a page that makes it very simple to format your manuscript for submission to most places.

Have at it!

6 thoughts on “The Road to Publishing

  1. If you keep this up I might have to go back to writing fiction. Or poetry. Or something. I’ve been trying to hide from it but you keep writing helpful posts about getting published and it’s annoying me because it’s making me restless. Literally. My excuse for not writing was that I didn’t know how to get it published. Don’t take that away from me or I’ll have nowhere to hide!

    • i think i’m learning more about the process, never really tried before, and i know there are many people in the same boat. just looking to see which way the wind is going.

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