Back in the Day: “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade” (May ’89)


As the story goes, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were in the planning stages forRaiders of the Lost Ark, but they were still struggling with one key element – who the hell was going to play Indiana Jones?  The best they had at the moment was Tom Selleck.  To distract themselves, they went to a late-night showing of The Empire Strikes Back.  Not long into the film, Han Solo was pitching some wise-ass remarks to Princess Leia, and the uber directors had their Jones:  Harrison Ford.

Why is this important?  Because this week’s Back in the Day feature – Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – suffered from the same ailment that had befallen Return of the Jedi, or what we thought was the end of Star Wars.  Both were plagued by  Screen Underlying Conscience Knowledge and Education Disorder (SUCKED).  Let me explain.

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5 thoughts on “Back in the Day: “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade” (May ’89)

  1. (I’ll leave my response here as I detest having to sign in with Google or FB before leaving a comment!)

    Loved the first of both series and never cared much for any after those. Even worse were the SW prequels, which made me want to give Luke a spanking and send him to his room to grow up.


    • i also hate the “disqus” thing for commenting because in order to use it, you have to give it permission to take over your twitter account, including permission for it to tweet under your name. that’s a dumb system. and yes, the prequels were dumb and spank-worthy. but not the good spank-worthy.

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