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Time – ch 17

A few people have asked or mentioned John’s feelings regarding his girlfriend/future ex-wife.  This addresses that a little, and hopefully enough. Happy Friday!     Time ch 17 John, Sorry I had to hang up the phone.  I live with my grandfather, and he was coming into the room so I had to hang up. …

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Time – ch 16

Hi.  Me again.  It seems only about three people are reading, but even just one is as important as twenty one, when it’s the right one who has the right comments and catches the right mistakes, and I don’t mean proofreading. Only two questions.  That sucks, I know, but it’s late and I need to get…

san diego seaport village

Time – ch 15

This chapter likely has places and procedures that are not exactly correct in terms of the city of San Diego.  I prefer to get things right, but I can’t do that right now.  So if anyone happens to know a great deal about the lovely city by the – by the whatever a Diego is…

Time – ch. 14

You might not know this, but I feel like crap for slowing down so much.  Let me explain.  My job is writing – I mean my day job.  I write websites for a web company.  I write website copy for jewelry stores, landscapers, churches, anyone who wants a website.  I was working a nightshift until…


Time – ch. 13

Hey, sorry I have slowed down, but I recently changed workshifts.  I had been working nights, which gave me lots of time to write during the day.  Now I’m working during the day, and at night I have to now actually pay attention to other people.  I know, right?  Really gets in the way of…


Blog Maintenance

Sometimes you have to look through the past, see what is worth keeping, what is not worth keeping, and be honest with yourself about successes and failures.


Time – ch. 12

Hi.  Sorry for the delay, but I had trouble with a flash drive and lost some of what I had already typed.  It forced me to wait until I could access a different computer where I had recently been typing and left a copy of what I had written. I seem to have lost people,…


Time – ch. 11

In case you’ve already read this chapter, I wasn’t happy with the ending so I revised it. Hopefully you’ll have a chance to take a peek at that. And hopefully you will agree it’s an improvement.