The Minute Hand – short story

My daughter recently came to me and said, “Hey, Dad, I have an idea for a story.”
Two things: It’s a joy to know your kid is thinking creatively. And it’s not just creatively but almost identical to how I go about things. I can’t say what she said because it would give away the story.

What she didn’t know was that I had been thinking of something very similar to her idea except that something was missing in my idea. What she suggested was exactly what I needed to finish my idea.

turks and caicos

Dreamlands – Chapter 6

When you last left Tina and Hank at the Caribbean resort, Tina was drinking with Jeannie at the bar and talking about Hank’s role in the fashion company, a role that Tina will need to start accepting if she’s going to have a life with Hank.

Resorts-Sandals -Marketing-Beaches Turks & Caicos-btc-004

Dreamlands – Chapter 4

Tina and Hank take what seems like a little celebratory vacation in the Caribbean. However, she starts to learn that this is not what she thought it was going to be. Her naiveté is more apparent than before.


Dreamlands – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – in which we learn more about the family structure involving Tina, Hank, and their son Jem. Yes, I changed his name from Jim to Jem. You’ll eventually find out why it makes sense.