– the next book

Chris and Ann have never met each other but are both on a plane to Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, they will not get there.  The plane crashes, and there is a brilliant light into which some of the passengers are walking.  But Chris and Ann are both certain that they are just not ready to go.  As everyone else moves on to the next world, they flee from the wreckage and the others.

They begin a journey across the country, heading back home to the east coast in an attempt to figure out just why they are not ready to die.  They realize that they have “unfinished business” that often, in theory, keeps certain souls in this world instead of the next.

During their trek back home, they learn a few things:  about themselves, about each other, about being a “ghost,” and about the lives and loved ones they’ve left behind.  One thing they do not learn, not until it’s too late, is that their unfinished business is connected to each other.

It’s 25 chapters, it’s all written and re-written, but it still needs one more re-write before I can’t start posting it here.  Wish me luck on the queries that will go out to agents sometime in April.

And feel free to pick a title:  The Connection  or  Unfinished Business?

23 thoughts on “– the next book

  1. I like the title, ‘Unfinished Business’. It seems attractive to me… and it suggests an open question. In the ‘Connection’ you get the impression that the connection is already there, and you just have to find out what it is… in unfinished business, one doesn’t know, necessarily, what will finish it, or if it is possible. Good luck, Rich… I see I have a lot of reading to do… And so far, it’s interesting. I suppose that’s my unfinished reading… and who knows how long it’ll take.

  2. I agree with Shimon. Your publisher will change it anyway. It’s just a working title, isn’t it? I don’t know anything about such things. I like “Unfinished Business”. It suggests that something exciting or interesting is going to happen. I am happy to discover than I am not alone in my progress on “The Curse”. Shimon is equally slow. 😉 You must be very good if Shimon is reading your work. He does not waste time on frivolity.

    • photo clipped from the internet. i have a friend who’s a pro photog, and i’ll ask him to help when it’s time. this story is finished but only a first draft with one round of revising. i still need to go through it at least one more time. but of all my stories, it was the most fun to write because it is heavy on dialogue, and dialogue is my strength.

  3. maybe there’s a combination of those two titles. i was thinking of just “unfinished.” but then someone might think that story itself was “unfinished.” i can’t imagine a publisher liking that.

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